Meet The Team


Andrew D'Angelo

Andrew began studying Aikido at the age of 12. He’s currently ranked at 4th Dan, (4th degree black belt) with the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan. He has studied closely with many of the great Aikido teachers from the United States, France and Japan over the past 24 years. He is currently a close student of Christian Tissier Shihan of France.


Sierra Fisher

Sierra Fisher is a 200hr Vinyasa RYT and 100hr Traditional Hot Instructor. She comes from a background in dance and performance. She blends together her knowledge of the body and movement from her performance degree with her vinyasa training to create a class that is well rounded and multidisciplinary. Her classes are made to be accessible for any type of student whether it is your very first yoga class or your 100th, and made to have some fun!




Of Mexican nationality, Raul took his first step in boxing at age 13 at The Gleason Gym, Brooklyn NY. With the passage of time, and
with perseverance and intense discipline,
Raul arrived at The Oscar de la Hoya Youth
Center, in the east of Los Angeles, where he
competed in the Golden Gloves at amateur
level, also representing The USA team
against England and Mexico at international events.

During his growth in boxing, he joined to
John Jay College, where after four years
of arduous studies, he achieved the title
of Criminal Justice. At the present time,
besides being a Physician Assistant’s
student, in Hostos Community College,
he is a boxing coach, who collaborates
and supports young people who wish to
develop their talents in the boxing field,
both, amateur and professional.

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I am one pioneers of the extreme calisthenics community/culture I dedicate my time to assisting athletes and aspiring athletes of many different fitness levels. I have organized and hosted over 20 calisthenics/fitness competitions since 2010. most notably the urban fitness league world cup in 2017. Hosted by Mario Lopez and Tyson Beckford.

I was the main media source for the Calisthenics community, athlete liaison and Technical Director for the urban Fitness league. I have completed in and won numerous calisthenics competitions and have Coached numerous athletes to become Champions. I have also  connected with a brilliant boxing team as the strength and conditioning Coach. So I've been able to apply my years of knowledge in advanced body weight training to fighters. I am 200% goal driven, Disciplined with a work ethic that speaks for itself.

"Practice is controlled failure" Will Smith.



Macques is a I.S.S.A personal trainer changing the world for better. He is the creator of Metamorphoses Fitness whose primary purpose is to get you in your best physical, mental and spiritual state so that you can do what GOD has put you here on earth to do.

With a background in soccer and other sports, Macques has an eclectic mix of training methods to fit your personal goals. He offers boot camp style training, personal training, couple training, cross training, sport conditioning, calisthenics and more.

Macques is also the V.P of CLUB ADAM, INC., A501C3 organization whos primary purpose is to feed and clothe the homeless and needy.
He is also a photographer, Social Worker, and gardener.


Benny Roman

Benny Roman, I am an active Coach and member of USA boxing for over 20 years.

Having State, Regional and National Experience, I TEACH and TRAIN  Amateur JOs.

Boys n Girls 5-10yrs old.

Youth Boys n Girls 17-18 years old.

Elite Men n Women 19-40 years old.

 Professional Boxers!

I am an AIBA 3 Star Certified Coach.

Attended multiple, Multi World Nation Camps, as well as International, World Championships and Olympic Games Tournaments! I worked with the (USOC), United States Olympic Training Center in  Colorado Springs, for Three years where I assisted and trained The United States Olympic Boxing Teams.

In 2013 I was awarded the Coach Of The Year Award by the USOC in Colorado Springs. In 2014 I was a Awarded Coach Of The Year Award by the USOC in Lake Placid NY!


Benny Lebron

Arjah Jameh.jpg

Arjang Jameh


Comprehensive training for health, Fitness and Longevity. Teach People to move internationally, not habitually.