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So you're interested in
personal training?
This is the way it works:
Our personal trainers are in affiliation
 with Green Fitness, independent with their own prices, structure, and specialties.
Start by asking yourself what your goals are and how you’re interested in training. Then scroll down and look at the bios for most of our trainers here to see if anyone piques your interest. Then feel free to call, visit the gym, or shoot us an email and we’ll connect you to the trainer you’re interested in (or you can reach out yourself with the links provided and set up a first session).
The time, frequency, and duration is all up to you and the trainer.
As far as payment, you pay both for gym access and for your trainer separately.
We provide a discounted rate of $60/mo instead of the original $75 because you are taking this extra step toward your health and fitness. The more you pay ahead the more money you save for your commitment -- we have 3mo, 6mo, and 1yr membership plans.

Hope to see you in soon!
- Your Green Fit Fam

Meet The Team



Fabian began his training career with Force Fitness Club as an ISSA certified personal trainer since 2021. 

He may be fresh in the training industry but he is not shy to the health and wellness world. With an associates degree in nutrition and culinary management and with his current studies in massage therapy, Fabian is a well-rounded fitness buff, eager to share his expertise in muscle building and fat loss.

You can find him DJ-ing, working out, or at the front desk of Green Fitness Studio on his free time. 

IG: fabian.garciafitness

Contact: 9179439350



Devon Hill started as an amateur fighter in 1990 until 2005. He has been consistently training clients since the year 2000--- worked for various fitness clubs, such as Bally's Total Fitness, Punch Gym (Muay Thai), International Boxing Fitness, The Rock Fitness, The Coliseum, etc--- Conducting group classes for women, as well as personal training for men, and inner city kids, based on their fitness goals and capabilities. 
After witnessing poor coaching, He decided to become "the change he wanted to see" and became a well-rounded, full-time coach/fitness trainer for people from all walks of life. Boxing is more than a fight sport, it is a lifestyle change for confidence, weight management, discipline and skills. 


***All fitness plans are build upon a person's individual goals, capacities and commitment.

- Highly respected in the boxing community and called upon for sparring work with known professional boxers, such as Monty Barrett, Kevin McBride, Ehino “Hollywood” Ehikhamenor, Levaun Eisley, and more.
- Trained a young fighter, Devaun Lee, 178 lbs, Novice Class, Silver Medalist in the Golden Gloves in 2009, who later advanced to fight for the US National team. Ranked #6 in the Country within a two year period.
- Appointed "NY Olympic Boxing Head Coach" by the Local Boxing Commission (LBC) to train the New York Olympic team, to compete in US Nationals in Colorado  (2010)
- Appointed "International Head Coach" by the Local Boxing Commission (LBC) to train the New York Olympic team competing in Dominican Republic against Aruba, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, & Venezuela (2010)
- Appointed "Head Coach" for NY Boxing Metro at the Regional Tournament in Lake Placid, later advanced to compete in the US Nationals (2010)

IG: @officialcbuglobal


Andrew D'Angelo

Andrew began studying Aikido at the age of 12. He’s currently ranked at 4th Dan, (4th degree black belt) with the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan. He has studied closely with many of the great Aikido teachers from the United States, France and Japan over the past 24 years. He is currently a close student of Christian Tissier Shihan of France.


IG: @wickwoodaikido

Screenshot_20210218-080130_Gallery (1).jpg

One of the pioneers of Extreme Calisthenics community/culture, he dedicates his time to assisting athletes and aspiring ones of many different fitness levels.

He has organized and hosted over 20 calisthenics/fitness competitions since 2010-- Most notably the Urban Fitness League World Cup in 2017, hosted by Mario Lopez and Tyson Beckford.

The main media source for the calisthenics community, an athlete liaison and Technical Director for the Urban Fitness League, he has competed in and won numerous calisthenics competitions and coached numerous athletes to become champions.

Also connected with a brilliant boxing team as the strength and conditioning coach, he's been able to apply years of knowledge in advanced bodyweight training to fighters. 200% goal driven and disciplined with a work ethic that speaks for itself, D.O.C (the director of calisthenics) believes "Practice is controlled failure"


IG: @teamwingate / @thedirectorofcalisthenics


Of Mexican nationality, Raul took his first step in boxing at age 13 at The Gleason Gym, Brooklyn NY. With the passage of time, and
with perseverance and intense discipline,
Raul arrived at The Oscar de la Hoya Youth
Center, in the east of Los Angeles, where he
competed in the Golden Gloves at amateur
level, also representing The USA team
against England and Mexico at international events.

During his growth in boxing, he joined to
John Jay College, where after four years
of arduous studies, he achieved the title
of Criminal Justice. At the present time,
besides being a Physician Assistant’s
student in Hostos Community College,
he is a boxing coach, who collaborates
and supports young people who wish to
develop their talents in the boxing field,
both amateur and professional.

IG: @bofeangelino



Macques is a I.S.S.A personal trainer changing the world for better. He is the creator of Metamorphoses Fitness whose primary purpose is to get you in your best physical, mental and spiritual state so that you can do what GOD has put you here on earth to do.

With a background in soccer and other sports, Macques has an eclectic mix of training methods to fit your personal goals. He offers boot camp style training, personal training, couple training, cross training, sport conditioning, calisthenics and more.

Macques is also the V.P of CLUB ADAM, INC., A501C3 organization whos primary purpose is to feed and clothe the homeless and needy.
He is also a photographer, Social Worker, and Gardener.

IG: @metamorphosesfitness / @eden_on_earthO



Owner and founder of Spirit Discipline Fitness LLC, NCSF certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, ISSA certified Personal Trainer, and USMC Veteran.

He proudly helps build people of all walks of life on their fitness journey. Formerly an EMT, with a passion for health and wellness, he holds martial arts, boxing, and fitness dear to his heart. It is truly important for Pedro to share his knowledge with others. He is also a Spartan and has completed 2 OCR (obstacle course races) as well as Deka Fit (decathalon of fitness) in 2021.

The types of training offered:

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING- Improve health and overall well-being, cardiovascular and muscular endurance.



Combat unwanted body fat with HIIT to the next level. Use of plyometrics, ballistic weights, bands, and body weight resistance, along with striking movements.


BOXING- Beginner to advanced levels. 1on1, fundamentals of boxing, footwork, hand placement, defensive movements, ring generalship, punches, counter-movements.


SELF-DEFENSE / MMA- Beginner to advanced levels. Signs and keys to awareness, knowing the distance, fighting stance (posture), movement, blocking, striking, breaks, grips, grabs, and much more. Influences from several disciplines including Japanese jiu-jitsu, goju-ryu karate, thai boxing, and mcmap (marine corps martial arts program).


GROUP CLASSES / COUPLES TRAINING- Two or more ppl are considered a class. Weight loss, muscular endurance, body control, and coordination. Classes: Burpeethon and Combat Cardio.


IG: spiritdisciplinefitness


Arjah Jameh.jpg

Arjang Jameh



As the head trainer of Dynamic Fitness, Arjang will teach you to move intentionally and not habitually. Health and wellness should be a lifestyle that includes the physical, mental and emotional aspects of life.


With over 16 years of experience as a coach in Functional Training, Boxing, Martial Arts, Corrective Exercise, and general wellness (fasting, sleep optimization, nutrition), Arjang will be with you every step of the way in your fitness journey to ensure that you become the best version of yourself.


Change is the only constant in life. Schedule a consultation today and let’s move forward!



If you desire to Learn the fundamentals of boxing, improve strength, and get in shape then Coach Juan can definitely help you.

He is a pioneer in the field of boxing training and his accomplishments include:

  • Clients gaining skills that a pro boxer has in the process of attaining their fitness goals, witnessing total transformation of all clients who stuck with him

  • 2x New York Daily News Golden Glove Champion

  • New York Metropolitan Champion

  • Northeast Regional Champion

  • 2x New York Boxing Champion

  • And National Golden Glove Bronze Medalist

When you want better overall body strength, most of what you need is help, instruction, and encouragement from someone who has “been there and done that! Boxing Coach Juan will definitely help you learn the fundamentals of boxing, improve strength, and get in shape!


IG: boxing_coach_juan

Arjang Jameh


Comprehensive training for health, Fitness and Longevity.



Jaja is a trained and experienced Licensed Massage Therapist and Shiatsu practitioner who offers you the best of Western and Eastern massage modalities. He integrates western clinical techniques and assessment such as Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports, and Hot Stones and Heat and Cold applications, Swedish with eastern medical massage techniques such as Thai Massage, TCM Diagnosis and Ohashiatsu. 

His years of experience led him to focus primarily on Postural Balance through the use of the modalities already mentioned to develop self-care packages for his clients.

Jaja incorporates suggestions of restorative exercises and readings of current Health Strategies for his clients to study.



Phone: 347-670-4913



Boxing Trainer Michael ‘COACH MIKE’ Kozlowski  has 35 years of coaching experience.


Michael Kozlowski’s students include Olympic and European Champions, as well as USA, Panamanian, Israeli,  Russian and Chilean National Champions.


Boxing Coach Michael Kozlowski has made many NY Golden Gloves CHAMPIONS!

COACH of the YEAR 2012 !!!


Coach Mike’s students, amateur boxing stars, Jill Emery and Yury Foreman became PROFESSIONAL WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!


Boxing Coach Michael Kozlowski has a Master’s degree in sports training and a Major in Physical Culture and Sports.


  Contact 917 304 0594


Full information 

on www.BoxingCoachMike.Com


orlando m.

A seasoned professional with over 20 years experience specializing in corrective exercise, muscle imbalance and post rehabilitation. NASM and AFFA multi-certified, Orlando's objective is to assist his clients in achieving their health goals through a high energy and fun experience. His classes (Spin, Kettlebell, HIIT, TRX and Bootcamp) are focused on having a good but safe time and are approachable for all body types!


IG: orlandomartinez9483

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