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Everyone’s skin is unique and requires a customized regimen that addresses all of their issues. Our customized facials will focus on each individual’s specific concerns with the goal to achieve healthy, beautiful skin.

Face Forward Facial

Our customized facials are carefully engineered to suit your individual needs. Each treatment will include deep cleansing and toning, an in-depth skin analysis, exfoliation (with or without steam and extractions), relaxing massage, treatment mask and final hydration and protection. Whether you’re focusing on anti-aging, uneven skin tone, acne and problem skin or moisture replenishing, we have the protocol for you. (30 minute protocol does not include steam and extractions).
Members: 60 min: $60 / 30 min: $30
Non-members: 60 min: $80 / 30 min: $40

Peel to Reveal

Since the 1800’s exfoliating chemical peels have been used to remove excess accumulation of dead skin cells from the upper layers of the skin. Alpha and beta hy-droxyl acid (AHA & BHA) peels are mild acid and are among the more popular for improving the appearance of the skin. Each person’s skin cell turnover rate slows down with age. Keeping the cell turnover rate moving is one of the goals for skin preservation.
Members: 30 min: $40
(or add to any facial for: $25)

Non-members: 30 min: $50 /60 min:
(or add to any facial for $25)


Back to Basic

Don’t neglect what you can’t easily see. This treatment is designed to deep clean and hydrate the skin of the back. It includes cleanse, exfoliation, steam and extractions (if necessary), relaxing massage, treatment mask and final hydration.
Members: 45 min: $60
Non-members: 45 minutes $75

Keep an Eye on Things

The skin around the eye is 10 times thinner than the skin on the face and should be treated with care. Reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and/or fine lines with antioxidant vitamin rich and moisturizing treatment.
Members: 20 min: $15
(or add to any facial for $8)

Non-members: 20 minutes $20
(or add to any facial for $8)

Hair Removal

Brow: $10 Bikini: $25
Lip: $8 extended Bikini: $35
Underarms: $15 Brazilian: $55
Half Arm: $15 Chest: $40
Full Arm: $30 Stomach: $15
Half Leg: $25 Shoulders: $30
Full Leg: $55 Back: $40
Upper Leg: $30  

*Cancelation policy: 50% of the fee will be charged if cancelation is not done within 24 hours.


A popular form of Western massage that boosts circulation, decreases stress levels by calming the central nervous system, and improves oxygen and blood flow to nutrient deprived tissues. Oil is applied to the skin and techniques include long, gliding strokes that flow toward the heart.
member: 60 min: $60
Non-member: 60 min: $80

Deep Tissue

Massage therapy is applied to the deeper lay-ers of muscle and fascia through deeper, sustained pressure. It is beneficial for treating chronic pain and tension, improving joint flexibility, and aids in injury rehabilitation.
member: 60 min: $60
Non-member: 60 min: $80


Traditional manipulation therapy practices on a floor mat to increase range of motion through passive stretching and palm compression. It has been referred to as the lazy person’s yoga.
member: 45 min: $50
Non-member: 45 min: $65


A form of Eastern massage originating from Japan that involves the application of pressure through the clothes with the fingers, thumbs, palms, elbows, and knees of the practitioner. The body’s energy meridians are stimulated through pressure application and stretching to ease the flow of energy throughout the body and to promote self-healing.
member: 45 min: $50
Non-member: 45 min: $65


The act of applying pressure to the feet or hands with specific techniques to affect corresponding areas of the body. Promotes DEEP relaxation and improves circu-lation and balance.
member 45 min: $50
Non-member 45 min: $65


Sports massage is geared toward athletes to improve performance in the pre-event and post-event stages of an athletic event. During the maintenance phase, massage therapy helps with injury treatment and prevention, and speeds recovery time from heavy or intense exercise.
member 45 min: $50
Non-member 45 min: $60

Camille is a naturally gifted massage therapist and graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Trained in an array of modalities, her holistic healing approach and self–care techniques add lasting value to her treatments. Camille sees massage and wellness not as a luxury, but as part of a healthy lifestyle which strengthens the connection between Body and Mind. Camille began practicing holistic care 7 years ago. Today she practices for wellness as well as relaxation and overall care.

Amanda is a soulful, spirited body worker, who has been affectionately nicknamed “tree-hugger” by her family and friends. She found her calling in massage therapy over three years ago. She studied at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and practices both Western and Eastern modalities. Her heart is revealed through her hands putting forth relaxation and peace of mind.

Maria is a passionate Cosmetologist and Esthetician. Trained at the Aveda Institute New York in both esthetics and cosmetology, she has an appreciation for the traditional and natural, plant-based approach to skin care. However, Maria also incorporates more contemporary touches to her facials and skin care services. She believes that wellness of the body, both inside and outside should also include the skin, which is the body’s largest organ. Maria began her wellness and beauty career by traveling throughout the city performing rejuvenating customized facials and other skin care services in her client’s homes. Born and raised in New York City, she has lived in Brooklyn for nearly 13 years and she has seen her neighborhood grow from abandoned factories and desolate streets to the vibrant and young, energetic community it is today. She hopes to bring her knowledge of skin care to those who believe that whole body wellness is more than flat abs.

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