Personal Training

Personal training

Personal Training

A personal trainer helps you determine, set and achieve your individual goals- whether its building muscle, losing weight or just trying to live a healthier life. Our trainers create a program specifically for you and your needs. Personal trainers provide support and advice on issues such as fitness, nutrition, and over all personal wellness.  We are here to give you the tools to make lasting changes in your life. To schedule a personal training session contact:


Green Fitness Studio offers private Pilates session on our Reformer. At first glance, a Reformer might be confused for a torture device, but is actually a great tool that can help to strengthen and tone your body. If you love mat Pilates and are ready to take the leap onto the Reformer or just want to try something a little different, this might be the thing for you! To learn more or schedule a session contact:


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8-Pack: $520
• 7 Personal Training Sessions
• One ½ Hour Massage
• One ½ Hour Nutrition Consultation

12-Pack: $720
• 10 Personal Training Sessions
• One 1 Hour Massage
• Two ½ Hour Nutrition Consultations

24-Pack: $1530
• 21 Personal Training Sessions
• Two 1 Hour Massages
• Two ½ Hour Nutrition Consultations

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Lisa Chavez

Lisa is a fitness coach certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and is excited to be a part of the Green Fitness team. She has been on the teaching staff at New York Circus Arts Academy since the summer of 2007, specializing in aerial silks. While she is very patient, she has helped many people of all fitness levels execute impressive feats of agility and strength. Her coaching style emphasizes proper form, progression, and fun.

Sports and exercise have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I grew up in Queens, NY and played all sorts of sports growing up.  Baseball, tennis, flag football, roller hockey, etc, there weren't many sports I didn't enjoy participating in.  Upon graduating from high school where I played on the baseball team, my interest shifted from organized sports to overall fitness training, and the science behind it.

I graduated from Queens College with my B.S. in Nutrition & Exercise Science, completed six months of schooling from The American Academy of Personal Training, and received my personal training certification from The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

I believe a good fitness program must be both fun and well organized.  Individuals are more likely to stick with a program if they are enjoying their workouts.  So it is my job in designing a program to make the workouts as fun as possible, but just as importantly, include exercises I know that will help each individual achieve their specific goals.  That is where my experience in both competing in many different sports and exercise routines along with a strong educational background in exercise science, join together in helping me design fun, well designed fitness programs.

A regular fitness program along with an overall healthy lifestyle have been a part of my life for many years, I would like to share that with as many people as possible in helping them transform their bodies, build a strong mind, and feed the  As they say, move a muscle, change a feeling!

Shanda Woods
I teach the type of classes I want to take, and train people the way they need to be trained. I love teaching a sweaty Vinyasa or Spin class to an indie rock playlist, or feeling that sweeeeet burn in a Pilates class. I'm inspired by my past and current students, just as much as my past and current teachers. I love music and food and animals and life!

My Beginnings: Humble, introspective, energetic, limitless.

My Journey: After years of certifications and teaching in different places, I appreciate everyone that comes into my life, and feel so grateful to have a job where I can share my passion for fitness with students and clients.

My Goal: To be a guide who uplifts others through the gift of wellness. To be the person who inspires someone to take the next step. To learn just as much as I teach. I want to change lives.

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