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At Green Fitness Studio, in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, we offer a fantastic variety of classes designed to take your personal workout to a higher level by adding the fun and challenge of group fitness. Wake up with early morning spin and yoga, get your groove on in hip-hop dance classes, and increase your flexibility and core strength with pilates. Sculpt and tone in our fitness classes and sweat it out during a session in our hot yoga studio. We have something for everyone to keep the workout fresh and fun.

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April became interested in movement when she realized that regular conditioning can not only aid in everyday life, but can enhance creative movement and breathing. She studied Theater Arts at Portland State University and went on to complete a degree in Music at Hunter College in Manhattan. When April stumbled across the opportunity to be involved in the teacher training program with Ellie Herman at her Brooklyn studio, she was pleased to witness all of her educational skills come together. Pilates enforces and sharpens many important tools April used in dance, theatrics, and vocal performance. She learned to be aware of the body, breath, and alignment through an even more precise avenue. April uses this personal interest to introduce new clients to the Pilates world, as well as, challenge advanced clients to enhance their skills. April is always inspired to further her education and continues to take workshops in both Brooklyn and Manhattan.


 Artur has been training Brazilian jiu jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts at several fighting academies in New York for the past 6 years:
- Street Fight Club in Ridgewood Queens with Derek.
    - Wiliamsburg Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Brooklyn with Roger Mamedov.
- Carmine Zoochi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Maspeth New York.

Artur is constantly working to improve his martial arts knowledge and to help students achieve their goals. His main focus is brazilian jiu-jitsu with the strenghts in grappling and submission. He is also trained in boxing and thai boxing and has aquired knowledge in the art of self defense skills.   Artur is a fitness couch certified by The City of New York Parks and Recreation Facilities specializing in high impact aerobics, plyometrics, boot camp, strength training which all improve one’s general fitness and health. He is also Thai yoga massuse certified by the Canadian based Lotus Palm School. 

Ashley Taylor

Ashley Taylor completed her RYT 200 hour program with MindBodyCentering Yoga Therapy in Durham, NC. She started practicing yoga in her hometown in Hickory, NC in a heart surgeon's garage that he had converted into a hot yoga studio. She unites her passion for yoga therapy and artistic expression in each class that she creates.

She has had two major back surgeries due to scoliosis. By using props and learning to modify many positions, she has learned that our limitations are our best teachers. In her classes she brings her knowledge from using yoga as a therapeutic remedy as well as a daily physical regiment. Her classes focus on developing a compassionate relationship with the body in its present condition. She incorporates alignment based vinyasa, Kriya yoga exercises,and necessary relaxation techniques.

All classes are accessible to yogi/yoginis of all levels. The community we create in class will help us learn from each other no matter the familiarity with technique.

Warm and generous, with rigor and discipline, my yoga class is an integration of many years as a dance teacher of young and old and my experiences on and off the mat. The Vinyassa and asanas are an opportunity to be alive and authentic and to know ones voice. Having grown up in a large family I know that community and support are crucial for transformation. Within each class I create a situation to churn up deeply held thoughts and physical experiences and over time the practitioner can address these issues in a safe yet challenging environment.

Galao's class

Instructor Galao has trained in Capoeira for over 9 years. The style of Capoeira which Galao practices is called “Regional”, and is immediately recognizable by its powerful, dynamic movements as well as the speed with which it is often practiced. Galao’s style is fluid and full of surprises, giving his students an edge in the roda. He pushes his students to break through barriers and provides an amazing, high- energy workout for the mind and body. Most importantly, Galao’s class provides thorough and solid technical training that allows his students to develop their own style and grow as capoeiristas.

Galao has carried his love of Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian culture to institutions such as Cornell University and Yale University, as well as performed at events for Bacardi, Johnnie Walker, Victoria’s Secret and the West Virginia Strawberry Festival. He has led workshops at various community centers, after-school programs and studios throughout New York City.

In addition to his extensive daily Capoeira training, Galao has multiple years of Han Bai Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do training.

Uprooting herself from earthy Northern California planting new invigorating roots in gritty Brooklyn, Jennifer found her true voice through her dedication to yoga. Embarking on a vigorous journey to what life presents, she analytically relates the past to the present in an exploration into future rhythmic aspects of the body with ecstatic chanting, mudras, asana, philosophic teachings and poetry of histories great gurus. Trained at Laughing Lotus in Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga with Dr. Judith Lasater she understands the necessity to connect to the human experience. Jennifer believes our physical bodies are vessels that carry our souls into our dharma. A steady yoga practice combined with conscious thought, propel her vibrating spirit to share the importance of unifying a compassionate heart with freedom in the mind. Om Shanti.

Laura nurtures a deep appreciation for the healing powers of movement and yoga. After receiving her BA from The Evergreen State College she traveled all over the world studying dance and movement and eventually landed in New York City where she was able to pursue her passion. In 2008 she received her yoga teacher certification at Joschi’s Yoga Studio and then went on to enhance her yoga practice by getting certifications in pre-natal yoga from yogaworks and then children’s yoga from Karma Kids. She has taught yoga in New York, Argentina, Costa Rica and Wisconsin to all ages, all abilities and in various settings. Laura just received her Masters in Social Work at the Hunter College School of Social Work where she has been inspired to fuse movement, yoga and counseling together. Through the use of yoga she believes our whole selves can be transformed; our bodies stretch and tone, our minds become more at ease with the challenges thrown at us, and we evolve into our authentic selves.

200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training
100hr Let your Yoga Dance Teacher Training
40hr Pre-natal Yoga Teacher Training
25hr Children’s yoga Teacher Training
Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (AADP-certified)


Coming from a family of Artists, Marguerite took her first Salsa steps at age 11. Her Chilean father inspired and taught her to dance not only Salsa On 1, but Merengue, Cumbia, Chacha, Tango and Bachata.

She trained in Modern Dance, Jazz, Junior Funk & Ballet at Ithaca Dance Academy.

In her teens Marguerite was awarded most enthusiastic Cheerleader at Ithaca High School. She was Captain of her Cheerleading team in Antofagasta, Chile winning National & International competitions. At the Chilean artistic school of L.E.A. she took Danza Creativa and at home practiced traditional Folklore dances with her cousins who performing in a celebrated dance team. The South American culture influenced her with Cumbia, Samba, and Axe dance.

At 18 she moved to New York City acquiring new moves from other dancers from Salsa Caleña, to Tipico, Cumbia de Puebla, and Reggaeton. To excel further in Latin movement Marguerite trained in Salsa on 2, Chacha, and Son with Delille Thomas. She was accepted on MamboD’s Advanced Performance Team and continued training in Samba, Salsa On 1 and Tango at Stepping Out studios.

“When I hear good music, I feel compelled to let my body be the instrument to express the sounds I hear. After different people approached me asking where I could teach them, I felt inspired to do just that. Then I heard of Zumba! I tried it, loved it and after much encouragement I became certified to teach. It's very empowering to share my passion of Dance and Self Expression. I love that I can help others feel better in their minds and body by embracing their emotions with total body movement. My class gives you a fun and sexy fusion of International dance to reach your ultimate shape and extend your overall flexibility at the expense of much needed sweat!”

Marina McClure

Marina has been teaching yoga and dance for nearly a decade. Her classes are invigorating and creative, full of pulsation and flow. She cultivates embodiment and presence in her students, and encourages all to live fully and happily while traveling the path. Her style is sunny and nurturing, and she integrates spiritual and artistic philosophies in her teaching to promote compassion and wisdom. She trained with Kimberly Wilson, Darren Main, Simon Park, and continues to study with her main teachers, Shiva Rea and Mira Kingsley. Marina is a certified as an e-RYT-200 withYoga Alliance and is an experienced YoKid teacher. Marina holds an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts and is also a portrait photographer and theater director.

Marina loves teaching children’s yoga and is thrilled to be introducing the littlest Green Fitness members to yoga in the “Mommy and Me” class.

Ryan Schollenberger

Ryan is originally from Harrisburg, PA and currently resides in Brooklyn. He comes from an active family— his father is a spin and Pilates instructor and his mother and sister are both ballet dancers. He has been involved in sports for most of his life, having played basketball, soccer, and baseball competitively through high school.

After graduating, Ryan developed a passion for weight training and worked as a student athletic trainer at Muhlenberg College. He also stayed active, participating in intramural soccer, basketball, football, and softball. Over the next five years he trained numerous students and athletes including members of the Muhlenberg baseball, basketball, and track teams.

His background is in bodybuilding and training for speed and power, which won him an internship with Velocity Sports Performance, who specializes in Nike “Sparq” training for young athletes. Ryan’s training style and classes reflect his background—explosive and efficient movements with an emphasis on speed and power. His favorite strength coaches, from whom he draws new information, are Paul Chek, Eric Cressey, Christian Thibaudeau, and Charles Poliquin. You won’t often find him on the cardio machines—he prefers to get his heart rate up with kettle bells or a jump rope. He also stresses the importance of a proper warm-up, which involves both dynamic movements and static stretching.

Sarah Capua

A beautiful Hare Krishna once told me that the word sara in Indian tradition means essence. To me, this connected instantly to why yoga entered my life in the first place. The philosophies and tools that yoga provides are both practical and magical, a daily practice which creates routes for the mind and body to the consciousness, to the essence underneath it all. My classes incorporate the teachings of yoga and an understanding of the deepest benefits of the poses, as well as the importance of proper alignment, thoughtful breath, and a feeling of freedom and calm in the body. Inspired by my background as a dancer, I hope to create classes that bring my students to movement, in all its manifestations, and to allow my students the space to attune their minds to themselves, to their personal path in this practice. As students of yoga, we challenge the body to do more, we challenge the mind to find stillness, and we challenge ourselves to meet every day a little more thoughtful than the day before. Let's get to the point, together.

I teach the type of classes I want to take, and train people the way they need to be trained. I love teaching a sweaty Vinyasa or Spin class to an indie rock playlist, or feeling that sweeeeet burn in a Pilates class. I'm inspired by my past and current students, just as much as my past and current teachers. I love music and food and animals and life!

My Beginnings: Humble, introspective, energetic, limitless.

My Journey: After years of certifications and teaching in different places, I appreciate everyone that comes into my life, and feel so grateful to have a job where I can share my passion for fitness with students and clients.

My Goal: To be a guide who uplifts others through the gift of wellness. To be the person who inspires someone to take the next step. To learn just as much as I teach. I want to change lives.


Svetlana is a RYT-200 Yoga Works Certified Instructor affiliated with the YogaWorks Teacher Training program in NYC. She is currently obtaining 500 hour certification with one the most acknowledged yoga teachers in the West, Dana Flynn, who is also a co-founder of Laughing Lotus yoga.


Svetlana's teaching style is influenced by the meditative flow and heat of Ashtanga and precise alignment of Iyengar yoga. It incorporates both the physical and spiritual aspects of the practice, which allows balance of mind, body, and soul. Her passion and devotion to yoga, along with the knowledge of a physical alignment of the body makes her classes a unique transformational experience. She strongly believes that yoga practice is a life long inner journey towards personal growth, self-exploration, emotional and physical healing. Her classes are filled with compassion and desire to share the miracles of yoga with her students.

Teresa SpizirriTeresa teaching piates

Teresa has been a fitness nerd for quite some time now. She long ago realized how fun it is the teach your body new tricks and has spent years exploring and experimenting with various forms of dance such as jazz, tap, modern, and contact improv, She also dabbled in capoeira classes in L.A. and Chicago. She even played around in some circus aerial classes of trapeze and silks for a bit. Throughout all these flirtations with these various forms of body movement two things have remained consistent, her dedication to Yoga and Pilates. For years Teresa has trained with yoga studios in L.A. Toronto and Chicago. She found her teaching passion in Pilates. She studied and was Certified at Chicago Pilates: Golden Wellness Center for Conscious Conditioning. She feels that the understanding that she gained through her Pilates training of how the body moves and works most efficiently, has become the base for all other physical activities in which she engages. The use of the core muscles, is the core element to achieving efficiency, longevity and beauty of the human body.

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