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At Green Fitness Studio, in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, we offer a fantastic variety of classes designed to take your personal workout to a higher level by adding the fun and challenge of group fitness. Wake up with early morning spin and yoga, get your groove on in hip-hop dance classes, and increase your flexibility and core strength with pilates. Sculpt and tone in our fitness classes and sweat it out during a session in our hot yoga studio. We have something for everyone to keep the workout fresh and fun.

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Malin Andreasson is a movement artist, performer and a Pilates / Yoga instructor. In her classes or private sessions, she focuses on body alignment in a Mind + Body Fitness relation. Malin, originally from Sweden, has been living in Brooklyn for the past few years. During this time she had the great opportunity to teach at multiple studios as well as her current position as a dancer with The Metropolitan Opera in New York city.

Azzuré took her first yoga class as a form of grief therapy. With little patience and no prior yoga experience she came to love the physical transformative properties of the practice, as well as the spiritual connection.


She received her 200 hour RYSA vinyasa certification from Yoga to the People as well as an additional 100 hour Hot Yoga certification to teach the Bikram postures. Over the past six years she has steadily built into her practice a strong self discipline, mental stamina, and a deeper focus on the body-breathe connection.


Azzuré believes the most important aspect to any practice is to show up on your mat, and focus on the work your body can do today.

Formerly a dancer, Liz came to yoga during a time of transition and loss. Realizing that she kept maxing out her dance cards with yoga she decided to learn as much as she could about this practice that was keeping her afloat. Beginning her teaching journey at Three Sisters Yoga, she now has over 700 hours of training from all over this fine city — The Breathing Project, Abhyasa Yoga Center, Maha Padma Yoga School, OM Schooled, and Street Yoga — and considers herself a forever student. Her goal as a teacher is to invite you to notice your patterns and habits, compassionately challenge them, and find support from your breath.

When she's not teaching grown-ups, you can find her teaching with Yoga Foster and working as a counselor in city public schools. Her work with kids influences her yoga which influences her work with kids which... you get it. If you're into a gentle flowing practice interspersed with talk on self-compassion, acceptance, and the occasional anatomy lesson, Liz is your girl.

Tricia Cramer grew up in Annapolis, Maryland where she always was involved in some sort of physical activity, be it dance, theatre, lacrosse, or ice hockey. She always wanted to have a passion and career for fitness, but didn't know how until she watched the first INSANITY DVD. Since then, she has become a runner and was lucky enough to participate in the test group for the new INSANITY MAX:30 workout, where she worked out with Shaun T for 60 days. After such a transformative experience, she became a certified INSANITY instructor and Pro Team member. She is excited to help people "Dig Deep" to find their inner athlete at Green Fitness Studios.

Lucile Graciano, AKA B Girl Frak from Limoges, France, came to New York in 2007 to study dance at Steps on Broadway through the International Student Visa PROGRAM. Since the age of seven she has been a competitive rhythmic gymnast for Limoges Team which explains her remarkable flexibility.

Frak studied and performed with La Manufacture, a professional dance school in Aurillac, France, directed by American dancer Vendetta Mathea, and teaches PILATES.

She has, at a remarkably young age, established herself as one of the genuine hip-hop dancer/bgirls in France. She was France’s representative at Nike’s “Dance to L.A.” contest in Amsterdam. Lucile has performed at UNESCO’s 50th Anniversary celebration and starred as a dancer in commercials for the likes of Samsung and V8, collaborating with iconic figures like Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Kevin Porter (Shock-a-lock) and Pop Master Fabel and drawn rave reviews from publications as notable as The Village Voice.

Frak is now working with Decadancetheatre, Nomadic Wax, Phyllis Rose Dance Company and Bar-Top-Bandits which with she tours all over the world.


Svetlana is a RYT-200 Yoga Works Certified Instructor affiliated with the YogaWorks Teacher Training program in NYC. She is currently obtaining 500 hour certification with one the most acknowledged yoga teachers in the West, Dana Flynn, who is also a co-founder of Laughing Lotus yoga.


Svetlana's teaching style is influenced by the meditative flow and heat of Ashtanga and precise alignment of Iyengar yoga. It incorporates both the physical and spiritual aspects of the practice, which allows balance of mind, body, and soul. Her passion and devotion to yoga, along with the knowledge of a physical alignment of the body makes her classes a unique transformational experience. She strongly believes that yoga practice is a life long inner journey towards personal growth, self-exploration, emotional and physical healing. Her classes are filled with compassion and desire to share the miracles of yoga with her students.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn and fitness has always been a part of my life. Whether it was football or softball I always kept my feet moving. My favorite activity while growing up was swimming and in high school I joined the swimming team.

My passion is to help others achieve their fitness goals while still having fun doing it. As instructor I love to push and motivate our members but never by yelling at them. One of my favorite quotes is "decide, commit, succeed."

Nathan has been practicing yoga for over a decade. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he grew up exploring the outdoors, backpacking, mountaineering, skiing and rock climbing. The intense internal focus of those pursuits infuse his practice and his teaching today.

Nathan's classes are fun, active, challenging and informative. His teaching style explores both the body and the mind and emphasizes physicality, alignment, and concentration.

Uprooting herself from earthy Northern California planting new invigorating roots in gritty Brooklyn, Jennifer found her true voice through her dedication to yoga. Embarking on a vigorous journey to what life presents, she analytically relates the past to the present in an exploration into future rhythmic aspects of the body with ecstatic chanting, mudras, asana, philosophic teachings and poetry of histories great gurus. Trained at Laughing Lotus in Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga with Dr. Judith Lasater she understands the necessity to connect to the human experience. Jennifer believes our physical bodies are vessels that carry our souls into our dharma. A steady yoga practice combined with conscious thought, propel her vibrating spirit to share the importance of unifying a compassionate heart with freedom in the mind. Om Shanti.

With over 40 years in boxing – the first 8 years as a competitive boxer, 32 years and counting as a teacher – I have enjoyed teaching the art of boxing and helping young men and women pursue their dreams.

I’ve worked with professional and amateur boxers from all over the world - from Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, Russia, Cuba, Albania, Ireland, Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Benin, Egypt, Congo, Cameroon, Israel and the USA. I have also trained white-collar professionals in New York City with excellent success.

I am now training my boxers out of the Green Fitness Studio, 232 Varet St., (Bushwick) Brooklyn NY. If you are interested in learning boxing from one of the best and brightest in the business call (347) 599-0663 to make an appointment.

My focus is on improving proper mechanics and identifying your particular strengths and weaknesses.

Exercise is vital in establishing a strong foundation for the overall fitness and well being of all people. This is the main reason for my enthusiasm and eagerness to motivate others to live physically active lifestyles.

My name is Edwin Rivera and I am a fitness professional. I received a bachelor’s degree in physical education at Long Island University in 2007, and was immediately hired as a physical education teacher for the New York City Department of Education. For the past eight years I have been working with youth; motivating them and encouraging them to develop healthy lifestyles so as to prevent diseases that may develop as a result of being sedentary. I love it.

In March 2014, I decided to try working with adults at Green Fitness Studio and became certified as an Insanity instructor. I had no idea that working with adults would be as much fun as working with young people!

After becoming a member of the Green Fitness Studio staff, I’ve come to a realization that I really enjoy motivating people of all ages to improve their health and be as fit as possible.

My name is Juan, I'm a Boxer and instructor training out of Brooklyn, New York. I have eight years of experience in the boxing world. I'm a 2X Golden Glove Champion (open division) and Medalled in national tourneys. I train men and women of all ages looking to get in shape or learn self defense.

2011 New York Daily News Golden Glove Champion
2012 New York Daily News Golden Glove Champion
2011 New York Metropolitan Champion
2011 Northeast Regional Champion
2013 New York Boxing Champion
2011 National Golden Glove Bronze Medalist

For beginners learning and mastering the basics. (Shadow boxing, punching bag, speed bag, and mitts.) Beyond the basic stage we go into my own unique custom designed routine. (Maximizing technique, endurance, strength, power, and speed.) And if you’re trying to loose weight it will melt off, leaving you with a lean, strong, attractive body.

Ryan Schollenberger

Ryan is originally from Harrisburg, PA and currently resides in Brooklyn. He comes from an active family— his father is a spin and Pilates instructor and his mother and sister are both ballet dancers. He has been involved in sports for most of his life, having played basketball, soccer, and baseball competitively through high school.

After graduating, Ryan developed a passion for weight training and worked as a student athletic trainer at Muhlenberg College. He also stayed active, participating in intramural soccer, basketball, football, and softball. Over the next five years he trained numerous students and athletes including members of the Muhlenberg baseball, basketball, and track teams.

His background is in bodybuilding and training for speed and power, which won him an internship with Velocity Sports Performance, who specializes in Nike “Sparq” training for young athletes. Ryan’s training style and classes reflect his background—explosive and efficient movements with an emphasis on speed and power. His favorite strength coaches, from whom he draws new information, are Paul Chek, Eric Cressey, Christian Thibaudeau, and Charles Poliquin. You won’t often find him on the cardio machines—he prefers to get his heart rate up with kettle bells or a jump rope. He also stresses the importance of a proper warm-up, which involves both dynamic movements and static stretching.

My name is Jahar Vann and I am your new personal trainer. A big misconception about myself and other personal trainers is that we’re perfect or that results come easy because we’ve always been “fit”—the truth couldn’t be more different for me. I went from being a basketball athlete in the best shape of my life to an obese diabetic. After tearing two ligaments in my knee I stopped taking care of myself. I ate whatever I wanted and however much I wanted; I partied and had no regards for the damage I was inflicting until it almost became too late. A health scare finally lit the fire that told me, “enough is enough.”

I reclaimed my health the right way and I can help you do it too. The athlete in me knows there is no such thing as a quick fix so you will never hear me tell you that change will be easy. But, what you will hear me say, is that I’ve got a personalized plan for you and the professional knowledge to get you to where you want to go in an step-by-step process. Remember I was there too right where so many of you are, but I am living proof it is possible.

Book a session with me and see the difference in how I train, in how I motivate and how I coach. I look forward to enabling your journey to a better life and sharing my “Fitness Made Personal” philosophy with you.

ISSA Ceritified Personal Trainer

Kate graduated from Musical High-school in Sweden, where she obtained her academic dance and musical training. She was then employed in the Parisian cabaret La Belle Epoque. She has lived in New York for the past few years, taking classes and performing. Kate got her pilates certification through Linda Fit Pilates who she has been practicing under for four years.

She believes in challenging her students and doesn't like limits.

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